Enough Email

Protect your organization from unwanted email

Wave goodbye to cold sellers, unwanted recruiters and services that you can't unsubscribe from, no matter how hard you try.
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Start creating email filters for your entire organization
*Google Workspace Admin role is required for initial setup

Why Enough Email?

No peeking

Enough Email works by creating Gmail filters for your entire organization. This means it does not need access to anyone's inbox.

Extremely simple UI

No software to install, no website to log in to. Forward an unwanted email sample to one of our filter inboxes to set up filters that protect everyone in your organisation.

Keep your setup

Everyone can keep using their favourite email app - Gmail, Outlook, Mail for iPhone, Superhuman - you name it.

How it works

For business teams who care about each other

Pays for itself
by reducing the influx of unwanted email across your entire organisation.


To establish a zen baseline for yourself and future colleagues.

£19 /month
*when paying yearly

  • Team size: Up to 10 Gmail users
  • Rule admins: 1 admin


For growing without the growing pains of inbox management.

£59 /month
*when paying yearly

  • Team size: Up to 100 Gmail users
  • Rule admins: 3 admins


For listening to leaf rustle, not email notification pings.

£99 /month
*when paying yearly

  • Team size: Up to 250 Gmail users
  • Rule admins: 10 admins

Every plan includes

  • Free 2 week trial

  • Organization-wide filters

  • Optional 1:1 setup session

  • Filter creation via email forwarding

  • Predefined Filter Lists

  • Audit trail via Slack

Need a custom plan?

We're happy to accomodate additional security and team size requirements with bespoke pricing plans. Get in touch

Case studies

Rory, Executive Assistant

Rory is an executive assistant to three c-level executives. She's screening their email to ensure only relevant correspondence reaches them.

Due to a recent press release about a new funding round, all executive email accounts are flooded with unsolicited cold sales emails. Cold sellers follow up twice on average.

Rory uses Enough Email to effortlessly block intrusive sender domains and is at peace knowing their consecutive emails will not reach any of the executive inboxes in the future.

Raj, CTO

Raj has recently lost his best engineer Ash. At an exit interview, Ash told Raj that a recruiter had invited her for a coffee via work email. This eventually led Ash to a new career opportunity.

Raj was upset to find out that it was the same recruiter who had emailed him weeks ago to offer interviews with other available engineers. His company does not work with external recruiters.

Raj has applied an "Unethical UK Recruiters" filter from Enough Email to protect his entire organization from similar situations in the future.

Jasmine, Productivity Geek

Jasmine works for a small, globally distributed SaaS that builds integrations between cloud services. The company uses email for async communication with their clients.

Due to the nature of work, they also need to sign up for a lot of online tools that they write integrations for, which inevitably leads to an avalanche of newsletters. Some of them are very hard to unsubscribe from.

Jasmine and her colleagues use Enough Email to filter such correspondence. They love it, because it's easier than unsubscribing, and one person's effort benefits everyone. They also feel at ease knowing that their Enough Email filters only skip the inbox and prevent notifications, but all filtered emails can still be found if needed.

Ready to declutter everyone's inbox?